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Men’s bench-made, made-to measure, made-to-order or ready-made… Tailored, Casual, Outerwear, Shirts, Neckwear, Accessories, Denim (Coming Soon), Knits (Coming Soon), Ladies (Coming Soon)


Market Driving

We are the global market driver, leader of innovation and private brand opportunity.

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We have relentless commitment to your satisfaction.

Continual Improvement

Our products, processes and people are continually improving.

From the beginning, our founder had a vision to pioneer a market driving custom apparel company. Today our owners, with combined experience of more than 50 years in custom retailing, sourcing, textiles and manufacturing custom apparel, along with our global team, have realized that vision.

The iDesign Private Brand Platform is the convergence of artisan tailoring, innovative technology and a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. Custom retailers worldwide are choosing iDesign to grow their brands and maximize profits. Empowered with luxury levels of their choosing, pin point accuracy and on time delivery, these custom retailers deliver their brand promises consistently. Daily we prove our iDesign formula delivers success and day by day we are continually improving on that success.

"Our mission is to flawlessly execute delivery of private brand, luxury, custom apparel."

What our industry says

The iDesign Studio part of it is really cool because customers can see things made up.

Charlie Mozingo, Owner Mozingo Clothiers, Jackson, MS

Their software technology is the best I’ve ever worked with,” he said. “Trinity is spot on with whatever measurements you give them ... That’s what’s coming in. If there’s a mistake made, it’s my mistake.

Monte Stewart, President Wardrobe Management & Design, Memphis, TN

iDesign is the most significant thing to happen to the custom clothing industry in 40 years!

Gary Hulse, Founder Wardrobe Management & Design, Enid, OK

I couldn't be happier with iDesign. It's simple, comprehensive and very user-friendly for sellers. We can easily input highly detailed orders, which are then transmitted electronically to the factory and are perfectly understood by the production line workers. I admire and appreciate IDESIGN for what they have accomplished. The combination of high quality with high margins has helped me build my business and become more profitable than I ever dreamed possible.

Tom Fitzpatrick, Founder Thomas Clifford Bespoke, New York, NY

IDESIGN's Beijing iDesign factory is a state-of-the-art luxury garment production facility. When IDESIGN's construction style, quality and fit are married with Dormeuil cloth, the finished product stands at the top end of the quality spectrum. We are very proud of our close business partnership with them.

Luke Mayes, North American Director Dormeuil,New York, NY